wing ski collarOne of the many essential tools iWaterman uses in their rescues and training is the Wing Ski Collar. We use WING SKI COLLARS along with WATERMAN UNLIMITED iSLEDs on all our skis as well as student skis.

archie kalepa

Archie Kalepa

iW lead instructor: Archie Kalepa:  The  WING INFLATABLE  SKI COLLAR with the WATERMAN UNLIMITED iSLEDs are game changers for us at iwaterman. From single man rescue techniques to responding to actual multiple victim rescues, they provide safety and less damage to equipment and surroundings.  Being one of the pioneers of the ski rescue craft, 35 years ago, my goal was and still is finding innovations that enhance our safety as rescuers and those that we save! The  WING SKI COLLAR helps keep the rescuer safe in any conditions, whether it be 30-foot surf or assisting a vessel, enhancing the stability, performance, and safety of the skis.  Forward thinking and the implementation of the WING SKI COLLAR and the WATERMAN UNLIMITED iSLEDs keeps our rescue technique at the forefront. (See for purchase)

Wing Ski Collar

Todd Bradley on his ski equipped with a Waterman Unlimited rescue sled (iSLED) and an inflatable Wing Ski Collar.

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